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Secondhand Smoke: The Dangers and How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help
Posted by Christopher Malphrus on 10/20/2013 to eCig News
Secondhand smoke has become a battleground for antismoking groups and the government in the last 15 to 20 years.  The important question to answer before proceeding: what is secondhand smoke?The official name for secondhand smoke is ETS, or environmental tobacco smoke. It can be classified by two distinct types. One type is the smoke that comes out of the cigar, pipe, and cigarettes themselves.   It is known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and is classified by two distinct types: 1) sidestream smoke, or the smoke that is emitted from the end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipeThe other, mainstream smoke, is , and 2) mainstream smoke, which is the smoke exhaled by the smoker.  Sidestream smoke releases the numerous chemicals from tobacco into the air, containing high concentrations of carcinogens.  These chemicals are more easily introduced to the body as these particles are usually smaller than particles from mainstream smoke.

Secondhand smoke exposed to non-smokers is referred to ascalled passive smoking or involuntary smoking.“involuntary smoking” or “passive smoking”.  Non-smokers are subjected to the same amount of nicotine and chemicals as the smoker.   The surgeon general, in 2006, produced a report that confirmed secondhand smoke can kill, while emphasizing that there is no determinable safe level that will keep someone safe from exposure.  Secondhand smoke has been linked to lung cancer, along with development of childhood leukemia and numerous cancers, such as s (brain, stomach, breast, larynx, and more. etc.).   As with smokers, those subject to secondhand smoke are just as susceptible to health issues, ranging from cancer to cardiovascular disease and even complications during pregnancy or child development.

Secondhand smoke has been found to be most dangerous in most places where non-smokers are within close proximity to the source.  These include, but are not limited to, a place of work, public places, including shopping malls, restaurants, public transportation and depots. (restaurants, shopping centers, public transportation and depots),  In addition, people can suffer from secondhand smoke at home, in the car, and anywhere that is confining and limiting access to fresh airflow.

With the use of electronic cigarettes, the risk of secondhand smoke can be reduced dramatically.  The product of electronic cigarettes is vapor as opposed to a myriad of chemical compounds found in the sidestream smoke of cigarettes.  By replacing the source of these dangerous chemicals with a alternative, the issue of secondhand smoke becomes a non-factor.  There is no unnecessary call for alienation or to ostracize someone for maintaining their habit.

It can difficult to manage a habit when in the business of working with people or if someone is simply home with their children.  Smokeless electronic cigarettes eliminate that dangerous environment that is sometimes difficult to control or merely simple to overlook.  As opposed to tobacco cigarettes, people may not even realize you are using an electronic cigarette.  People can be still be mindful of their surroundings, but rest assured that they are not putting people in unnecessary danger.

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