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GO! Electronic Cigarette Loyalty Rewards

How it works:

Who's Eligable to Participate:

Anyone that is 18 years or older can participate in our free loyalty rewards program. All you have to do is create an account and make sure you are logged in when you shop to accrue points and to use points. Earn points towards free products from our site.

Step 1

Make a purchase with a registered account to earn points on every purchase good towards free products.

Step 2

Earn more points by leaving a review, signing up for our newsletter or following our social media accounts.

Step 3

Find GO! products you want to redeem using your points.

Step 4

Click redeem this item for points which will add the item to your shopping cart.

Step 5

Purchase GO! electronic cigarette products with your points and enjoy!

Rewards Points distribution:

  • GO! Rewards are distributed on a point per dollar spent. For example if you spend $100 you get 100 points, good towards any product in our catalog.
  • The GO! loyalty rewards program offers our customers the opportunity to save even more money. Over time this can equal up to 10-12% extra money off all purchases!

Redeem this item for 275 points.
Reward points: 20 point will be rewarded to you when you buy this item

Additional Ways To Earn Points:

Like our Facebook Page or follow other GO! social media

= 20 Points

Leave a review for our business and/or product

= 20 Points

Subscribe to the GO! Electronic Cigarette newsletter

= 20 Points

*must email us after task is completed at Rewards to receive points

Using your reward points:

Using your GO! electronic cigarette reward points is quick & easy. Make sure you are signed into your account. Go to the product you wish to purchase with your points. Click redeem this item button. Go through the checkout process and we will ship your order immediately. You can check your balance in the MY Account section once you are logged in.


Redeem this item for 275 points.
Reward points: 20 point will be rewarded to you when you buy this item

Terms and Conditions

Privacy: One of our top priorities is making sure your personal information is safe and secure. Please review our Privacy Policy. participating in our rewards program, you are agreeing that GO! collection and use of your personal information and acknowledge that you have read and agree with our privacy policy.

Limitation of liability: By entering into the reward program, participants release and hold GO! and employees from any liability of any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this rewards program.

Cancellation rights: GO! reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, suspend or cancel the reward program. We also reserve the right to revoke reward points.

Points expiration: Points never expire

** You must be signed into your account during checkout to receive your points.

***Please Note: When you use your points towards a purchase, you will not earn points on that purchase.